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May You Find What You Seek

Welcome to the online home of the street sheets. The sheets are updated at least monthly, so do check in frequently. These sheets are intended to point those in need with those who can help. If you know of additional services or updates, do let us know. “We are not now that strength which in […]

New Street Sheets for Newark, NJ

“Heroism is not fighting some big battle. It is not standing up to some fearsome foe … Heroism is every day getting up with a mission to show this world that you are going to light it up with your spirit, to make the best out of yourself.” -Cory Booker Newark is a city of […]


Today is a day I could best describe as yellow. The sky is blue, the new leaves have unfurled to a tender green. The sun spills its rays and everything benefits from its yellow wash. Daffodils and dandelions bob in recognition. Today reminds me of a piece of writing done at Washington Square UMC Writing […]


Welcome to Inspire Outreach, the online home of the street sheets and creative circles! Why Inspire? If we are new to you, please allow me to explain. The ancient origin of INSPIRE is to infuse life by breathing. Inspire aspires to pull the submerged out of life’s chaos—to help people come up for air. This […]